The Afternoon Wrap: Thursday

The Bowery’s renaissance continues with the rumored arrival of a nine-story gallery courtesy of renowned British architect Lord Norman Foster. [Curbed]

Another crazy flip at 15 CPW: Casino tycoon Richard Fields puts his 2,846-square-foot apartment on the market for $35 million after paying only $13.35 million three months ago. [Curbed]

With energy costs on the rise and the real estate market plummeting, the “small house movement” gains some momentum. [NY Times via Curbed]

The architectural remnants of a literary powerhouse. [Lost City via City Room]

Twin Towers live on in NYC’s graphic landscape. [City Room]

Real estate market won’t improve until the financial industry does the same. [TRD]

The addresses smart restaurateurs should avoid at all costs. [Eater]

Bloomberg vows to “do everything we can” to get Atlantic Yards moving. [AY Report via Brownstoner]

60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft digs the scene at Café Lux. [The Daily Transom]

Contestants in MTV’s new digital-design reality show, Engine Room, compete in Dumbo. [Culture Czar] The Afternoon Wrap: Thursday