The Emmy Awards: Winners And Losers

No matter how lame and rushed the three-hour Emmy broadcast was, we’d happily watch it again just to see Tina Fey keep winning. Our favorite crush saw her 30 Rock receive seven awards, including Best Actress in a Comedy Series and Best Comedy Series. Good thing she was seated in the front row!

Ms. Fey wasn’t the only Emmy darling: Mad Men, a shocked Bryan Cranston for Breaking Bad and a totally deserving Jean Smart for Samantha Who? were among the nights big winners. In case you didn’t stick with the show for all three hours, don’t worry. We did! Here are some observations from the 60th Primetime Emmy Awards.

Josh Groban, human jukebox?

What on God’s green earth was Josh Groban doing at the Emmy Awards last night? Mr. Groban spent five minutes singing television theme songs from the last sixty years in a misbegotten attempt at what we can assume was comedy. Sure, his voice was good, but did we need to hear him use that voice to sing the theme from Friends?

Tina Fey puts her acceptance speech to good use!

In winning for Best Comedy Series, Ms. Fey gave the best, and most honest, speech of the evening: she made an open plea with people to watch ratings-starved 30 Rock in any way possible: Hulu, iTunes, or, heaven forbid, on television. Ms. Fey even plugged the season premiere. We wonder how many people were actually still watching the Emmy Awards by that time, but the effort was good none-the-less.

Everyone Hates the Emmy Writers!

For us, the funniest moments of the night came from presenters and award winners taking huge pot shots at the actual Emmy broadcast. Jeremy Piven, winner of his third straight Emmy, got the roasting started early. After stumbling with a joke during his speech, he quipped, "What if I just kept talking for 12 minutes? What would happen? That was the opening." Zing! Later, Ricky Gervais touted how he had "gone off road," and the results were brilliant hilarious; Mr. Gervais turned in the best performance of the night. Still the deathblow came from Mr. Warmth himself, Don Rickles. Mr. Rickles, after being told to stop ad-libbing, sarcastically leveled the writers by saying, "let’s read these funny lines they wrote for us." Ouch. Where’s Bruce Vilanch when you need him?

The Emmy Awards: Winners And Losers