The Morning Read: Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sarah Palin told a crowd they could play “stump the candidate,” but John McCain stepped in before anyone could.

Michael Saul writes, “John McCain vehemently opposed the federal bailout of AIG – for 24 hours. Barack Obama’s stand remained the same: unclear."

A female staffer told police that State Senator Kevin Parker hit her during a heated argument.

Parker filed a cross-compliant saying he was attacked.

Charlie Rangel is breaking House parking rules and storing an old Mercedes in a congressional parking lot.

Despite earlier comments, Dean Skelos will not be providing full details of his personal finances.

Bloomberg wondered who will buy the government’s new debt to pay for these Wall Street bailouts.

Charles Hurt says Rangel affects Nancy Pelosi’s promise to make this the most ethical Congress in history.

Since the candidate running on the Conservative Party line dropped out, there is now a way for Vito Fossella to re-enter the Congressional race on Staten Island, if he wanted to.

Fernanda Santos reads the annual Mayor’s Management Report.

Bill Thompson cautioned against overregulation as a response to Wall Street’s latest woes.

State investigators will probe Anthony Seminerio.

David Paterson revives a program started by Silda Wall Spitzer.

The New York Times editorial board tells the City Council to raise property taxes, and says New Jersey lawmakers should raise tolls.

There’s a plan to charge police and firemen for an E-ZPass, according to Pete Donohue.

On Forbes’ richest list, Bloomberg is number eight, and former A.I.G. head Hank Greenberg is nowhere to be found.

Esquire briefly looks at Bloomberg and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

And in case you missed it: Donald Trump endorsed McCain…on Larry King.

The Morning Read: Thursday, September 18, 2008