There’s Love for the Sun; Spitzer Calls Paper ‘Spectacular’

The New York Sun published a story today that quoted ex-politicians and a few semi-retired journalists saying that it would be a terrible thing if the newspaper closed later this month. In his first public interview since resigning, Eliot Spitzer says, "The Sun has been a spectacular addition to the city’s political discourse and is one of the finest papers in terms of editing, writing, and analysis that one can find anywhere." (The Sun was one of the few outlets sympathetic towards Mr. Spitzer when he found himself engulfed in scandal in March.)

Also quoted:

  • Mario Cuomo
  • George Pataki
  • John Bolton, former American ambassador to the UN
  • Philippe de Montebello, the outgoing director of Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Peter Kann, former publisher of The Wall Street Journal
  • Sir Harold Evans, former editor of The London Times
  • Peter Osnos, former editor at The Washington Post
  • Nat Hentoff, columnist for Village Voice

The paper still, however, needs to find money. There’s Love for the Sun; Spitzer Calls Paper ‘Spectacular’