Tom Wilson defends Sarah Palin from Carla Katz

Responding to a column Carla Katz published on PolitickerNJ and The Star-Ledger that was skeptical of Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s reform credentials, Republican State Chairman Tom Wilson shot back, accusing the former union leader and Corzine companion of being a hypocritical “special interest peddler.”

”Carla Katz’s op-ed yesterday is just what we’ve come to expect from her: half-truths, smears, and the politics of greed and self interest. John McCain and Sarah Palin represent a threat to Ms. Katz’s special interest influence peddling and her op-ed should be taken for what it is – the pained wails of a special interest leader who’s way of doing business will come to a much needed and abrupt end when John McCain and Sarah Palin move into the White House,” he said.

Katz had written that Palin’s career was riddled with questionable patronage positions and political moves, including the ongoing investigation into whether she pressured an official to fire her ex-brother-in-law. She also said that Palin’s stance on abortion put her far out of the mainstream.

Wilson shot back by bringing up Katz’s former romantic relationship with Gov. Corzine, and mentioned the secret emails exchanged between the two that he’s fighting to make public.

“Ms. Katz, who reportedly received more than $6 million from Jon Corzine, who exchanged backchannel secret emails with Jon Corzine discussing the terms of a state worker contract under negotiation, who was removed by her national union leadership for using union member dues to support her personal agenda, who embodies the very essence of the old boy network, is really in no position to take pot shots at Governor Palin,” he said.

Tom Wilson defends Sarah Palin from Carla Katz