Tom Wilson’s Bergen County Challenge

Republican State Chairman Tom Wilson challenged Gov. Corzine and Democratic State Chairman Joe Cryan to drop all support for Bergen County Democratic candidates unless or until Bergen Democratic Chairman Joe Ferriero resigns.

Corzine and Cryan have both said that Ferriero, who was indicted last week on eight counts of corruption, should resign. But at a meeting this morning, leaders of the Democratic organization, including U.S. Rep. Steve Rothman, said they would not seek Ferriero’s resignation.

“The true test of their commitment to rooting out corruption within the Democratic Party is whether their actions reflect their words. Corzine and Cryan should make it clear to the Democratic candidates in Bergen that there will be no financial support for a slate that supports corrupt party leadership,” said Wilson in a statement.

Wilson said that Corzine and Cryan should withhold all financial support from the for the county slate, which includes Freeholders Bernadette McPherson, David Ganz, Vernon Walton and county clerk candidate Diane Testa – unless they also call for Ferriero’s resignation.

“Talk is cheap and Governor Corzine has certainly given us plenty of talk when it comes to politicians who abuse the taxpayers. He also had no problem doling out tens of thousands of his own dollars to support Ferriero’s corrupt machine. It’s time to ante up Governor and put your money where your mouth is,” said Wilson.

Governor Corzine’s office did not respond to Wilson’s challenge. Cryan, for his part, didn’t take it seriously.

“I really don’t care what Tom Wilson’s opinion is,” he said. Tom Wilson’s Bergen County Challenge