Torricelli on the Wall Street Bailout

The financial debacle on Wall Street may change many things. Our international power, standard of living and individual security might all change. Every cloud, however, has a silver lining. At least the American people will be spared much of the Republican rhetoric that reflects the policy choices that produced this mess.
Here are my favorite classic Republican lines that we might not hear for a while.

1) Why can't the government operate more like a business?

2) The Republican Party is the Party of balanced budgets.

3) There's nothing wrong with America that less government couldn't resolve.

4) Government can't solve our problems. Government is the problem.

5) We are the Party of Deregulators.

6) The invisible hand of the market is the best regulator.

7) Nationalization of private industry represents creeping Socialism.

8) What America needs is less lawyers in government and more business people.

9) We are the Party of Peace and Prosperity.

and, finally, they must have the decency to spare us the most transparently false of all their claims:

10) We Republicans know what we're doing!

Torricelli on the Wall Street Bailout