Trying to shake the Bush tag, Myers targets Adler investment

Dogged all week by a Bush fundraiser he attended on Monday, Medford Mayor Chris Myers retaliated today by charging that his opponent in the 3rd Congressional District race has his own issues with tainted money.

Myers took a swing at what he sees as state Sen. John Adler’s (D-Camden) two-faced record on Darfur, where the Sudanese government has enabled genocide.

The state senator, Myers said, voted for legislation divesting all of New Jersey’s state-administered pension fund investments from foreign companies that have ties to, or investments in, Sudan, while simultaneously investing his own money in "Petro China," a company closely linked to the Sudanese government.

"The shameless hypocrisy continues with career Trenton politician John Adler," said Myers. "While he was voting to stop New Jersey investments from fueling the Sudanese governments’ genocide in Darfur, he was quietly raking in substantial profits from his own personal investment in a Chinese oil company that is closely linked with the same Sudanese government and has been internationally condemned for fueling that same genocide."

The Adler campaign issued a quick statement in response, reasserting the Myers-Bush connection.

"Trying to blame John Adler for atrocities in Sudan is simply ridiculous," said campaign manager Mark Warren. "It is another desperate move by Myers and his Bush handlers to try to avoid the real issues in this campaign like the tainted money Myers took from George Bush on Monday afternoon or the thousands he raked in Wednesday night from lobbyists tied to the mortgage crisis. Who Does Myers think he’s kidding? This is yet another sign of a sinking campaign."

Trying to shake the Bush tag, Myers targets Adler investment