Vaughn and Favreau Reteam for Goofy Movie

Here’s a promise: we won’t make a single "they’re so money" joke in this entire post.

Swingers friends Jon Faverau and Vince Vaughn are re-teaming for the new film Couples Retreat. The film, written by Mr. Faverau and based on an idea by Mr. Vaughn, will center on a pair of couples who go on a tropical vacation for different reasons: one of the couples is just looking for fun, while the other is looking to salvage their marriage (cue wacky comedy horn!). Peter Billingsley, a long-time friend and collaborator of the duo (and the kid from A Christmas Story!) will make his feature directorial debut. Jason Bateman and Faizon Love co-star.

Couples Retreat sounds like kind of a bad movie. But since Mr. Vaughn, Mr. Faverau and Mr. Bateman are involved, we’ll get on board. And the fact is we’re pretty psyched to see Vince Vaughn and Jon Faverau together on screen again.

Of course there is Swingers, but we’re particularly fond of Made, the little seen follow-up, directed by Mr. Favreau, to their seminal 1996 indie breakthrough. To this day, Made stands as our favorite Vince Vaughn performance.

Shockingly, it’s been seven years since Made came out, and while it’s been a treat to see them on screen together in a limited capacity-we loved their back and forth in the under-rated The Break Up, and sadly, laughed at their scenes in the trailer for the abomination that is Four Christmaseswe’re looking forward to a full film devoted to their friendship and banter. What can we say, they’re just so … Oh, we promised. We won’t even go there.

Vaughn and Favreau Reteam for Goofy Movie