Vincent Gallo’s Band Has More Merch Than Music

Vincent Gallo is the kind of guy who calls people “fucking cunts.” At least, that’s how he referred to Gawker reporter Molly Friedman after she posted a controversial item last Friday claiming Gallo had called Palin daughters Bristol (17) and Willow (14) “hot” during an Andres Serrano after-party. (Daily Intel later proved Friedman may have been little loose with her quotes.)

Vincent Gallo is also the kind of who guy performs in art-house bands called RIICCEE (What is that—the name of the new ramen dish at Momofuku?)—the kind that shun studio recordings and improvise everything live. Though, of course, that’s not how Gallo would describe his pet project. “Improvisation is not a good word for what we’re doing,” claims the band’s bio. “It’s more a gesture of composing and performing at the same time, always hoping to avoid musical cliché or jamming.” Gallo plays guitar, bass, and keys, while Nikolas and Simon Haas (twin brothers of actor Lukas Hass) cover drums and keys respectively. Hole co-founder Eric Erlandson used to be a RIICC-ETTE as well, though he dropped out at the end of the band’s sold out(!) North American tour last year. We can’t tell you much about the music since the Republican and his two cronies haven’t recorded any, but if you head to the Hiro Ballroom on September 24 you can find out for yourself.

Given the lack of proper tunes, the most remarkable thing about RRICCEE is their merchandise, which—much like the Brown Bunny director himself—is terrifically self-indulgent and shamelessly self-promoting. As the band’s website tells us, “Everything found here is hand-printed, labels are hand-sewn and numbered, all found garments are very unique and hand selected by the band members for use as their exclusive merchandise.” A few are even signed by the band! There’s the $260 pink boots with fur trim and little red hearts on the toe (though those are unfortunately sold-out). There’s a white camisole for $260, and a lady’s purple turtleneck for $100. There’s even a ribbed cotton wife-beater—that’s right, a wife-beater!—for $260.

All of which makes us wonder how much money it would take to shut Mr. Belvedere up and get him to make another Buffalo 66. Vincent Gallo’s Band Has More Merch Than Music