Wake-Up Call: Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Zimmer ally points at Lautenberg's age

Republican state chairman Tom Wilson challenged U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) yesterday to "come out of hiding" and prove he is not "too old to campaign." (Robert Schwaneberg, The Star-Ledger)


Corzine rebuts GOP attacks on his handling of economic crisis

Gov. Jon Corzine today lashed out at Republican lawmakers who have attacked his handling of the state's economy. (Claire Heininger, The Star-Ledger)


Black goes to bat for Myers

WASHINGTON – Republican U.S. House candidate Chris Myers will get a fundraising shot in the arm from Charlie Black, a John McCain advisor and former chief lobbyist for BKSH & Associates. (PolitickerNJ)


Fernandez defiant as rumors dog Garcia candidacy

PASSAIC – The arrest last week of Passaic City Councilman Gerardo Fernandez on corruption charges dredged up the Sammy Rivera era again in the middle of a mayor’s election. (PolitickerNJ)


Menendez questions bailout terms

WASHINGTON — Reflecting growing skepticism on Capitol Hill to the Bush administration's $700 billion economic rescue plan, the sole New Jersey lawmaker on the Senate Banking Committee said Tuesday he'd vote against it unless it's modified. (Gannett)


Hearing on toll-hike plan stirs anger and anxiety

There were no flying pig costumes, and catcalls were few and far between. But anxiety and anger were on full display last night as debate opened on a plan to raise tolls on the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway. (Claire Heininger, The Star-Ledger)


College aide tells of Bryant cover-up

TRENTON – Wayne Bryant's employment records at the School of Osteopathic Medicine listed him as working three days a week, even though he usually appeared on campus just one morning a week. (Troy Graham, Philadelphia Inquirer)


Healy : Help save waterfront jobs

Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah T. Healy is asking Gov. Jon Corzine to help save finance jobs on the waterfront in the wake of Lehman Bros., one of the city's big employers, going bust. (Ken Thorbourne, Jersey Journal)


Speed is not the answer

Gov. Jon Corzine today said "speed is not the answer" as Congress races to approve a $700 billion plan to rescue Wall Street from financial crisis. (Claire Heininger, The Star-Ledger)


Panel urges careful scrutiny

PRINCETON BOROUGH — Despite the severity of the Wall Street meltdown, the federal government's proposed solution — a $700 billion bailout — is so far-reaching that it requires careful scrutiny and should not be rushed into action. (Bill Mooney, The Trenton Times)


Intra-party woes plague Passaic GOP

Passaic County Republicans don’t need an internal war. But they’ve got one. The latest flare up between leadership factions in the party occurred last Monday, when freeholder candidates Mike Marotta and Jerry Holt held a joint beefsteak dinner fundraiser with Chairman Scott Rumana, who’s also an Assemblyman, at the Brownstone Restaurant in Paterson. (PolitickerNJ)


Xanadu project could soak taxpayers

New Jersey taxpayers, fresh from shelling out $25 million to prop up the faltering Camden aquarium, could find themselves paying to support a privately owned fish tank in the Meadowlands. (Jeff Pillets, The Bergen Record)


Senator gives Jersey a 'B' in storm preparedness

New Jersey has improved its plans to quickly evacuate large numbers of people from its coast in the event of a hurricane or other emergency, but still has room for improvement. (Associated Press)


School super: Corzine's veto insulted her

CAMDEN — Schools Superintendent Bessie LeFra Young said she was insulted earlier this month when Gov. Jon S. Corzine vetoed the school district's budget and seven administrative promotions because, the state said, Camden failed to provide sufficient budget documentation. (Joseph Gidjunis, The Courier-Post)


Judge to leave bench for trench

VENTNOR — A judge in Atlantic County is going from the bench to the trench. Christopher Brown is an attorney and municipal court judge in Galloway Township and a veteran of the Persian Gulf War. (Associated Press)


Judge: New Brunswick can't vote Nov. 4 to change form of government

A Superior Court judge in New Brunswick ruled today that city residents will not be able to vote Nov. 4 on whether to change the local form of government. (Chandra Hayslett, The Star-Ledger)


WT slams GOP slams POD fees

Republican candidates for mayor and council came out in support of the local business community Tuesday as they met at a Delsea Drive business to oppose a new tax enacted by the all-Democratic council. (Jessica Beym, Gloucester County Times)


City council votes to oppose layoffs

CAMDEN — Camden City Council members on Tuesday passed a resolution opposing anticipated layoffs of city employees. If there must be layoffs, the resolution says they should be done in accordance with state civil service regulations. (Deborah Hirsch, The Courier-Post)


Some Paterson Dems say vote caught them off guard

In what some are calling an underhanded political maneuver orchestrated by the Rev. James A. Kuykendall, the Paterson Democratic Municipal Committee elected him to continue serving as its chairman. (Alexander MacInnes, The Herald News)

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