Where’s ‘American Boy’? Help Me, iTunes!

To celebrate the end of the summer, we decided it would be a fun time to make a playlist of the songs we loved most over the last couple of months.

The Hold Steady’s "Constructive Summer"? Check.

Albert Hammond, Jr.’s "GFC"? Check.

Estelle’s "American Boy" featuring Kanye West? Ummmmmm, nope.

Much to our surprise, the pop song of the summer (apologies to Ms. Katy Perry) wasn’t even available on iTunes when we went to download it this weekend! Insultingly, in its place, was some knock-off version that shockingly ranks #14 on the iTunes Top Songs list.

What gives! Where’s our girl?

After an exhaustive Google search (read: three seconds), we found out that Warner Music Group’s Atlantic Records, the company that released Estelle’s latest album, pulled her single from iTunes in the hopes of raising her album sales to Gold status. That strategy had previously worked for Kid Rock, whose smash album, Rock ‘n Roll Jesus, featuring the atrociously unlistenable "All Summer Long," has become a huge hit without being available on iTunes.

And to that we say: booooooooo. The music industry is clearly hurting, but with iTunes, they’ve actually managed to find a way to charge people for music that they probably normally wouldn’t buy, except for the fact that it’s so easy. We love "American Boy," but would we go out of our way to buy it in the store when it’s played every sixty minutes on Z100? Of course not! We’ll never buy Estelle’s album (no offense Estelle, but you look like a one-hit wonder to us), so it looks like we’ll never own "American Boy" unless we decide to download it illegally (or figure out how to work Amazon’s MP3 store, where the single is available.) And we’re sure we’re not alone.

Atlantic Records, get a clue! Get "American Boy" back on iTunes. Summer might be over, but the weather will still be warm for the next few weeks…plenty of time to enjoy Estelle one more time before we all forget about her. Where’s ‘American Boy’? Help Me, iTunes!