Why We’re Officially Over Megan Fox

File Megan Fox under the list of people we’re officially over. Ms. Fox has been getting a massive amount of attention this week over a her cover story in the upcoming issue of GQ, where she talks about a lesbian fling she had with a stripper when she was 18 and, um, that’s about it. Thankfully, those looking for substance can view the accompanying photo spread that features Ms. Fox in a bikini while sucking on a cherry. Seriously.

We can’t really complain about the photos: the 22-year-old Ms. Fox is an alluring combination of Angelina Jolie, Jordana Brewster and a porn star; ridiculously gorgeous yet still kinda trashy. The problem is Ms. Fox’s persona. For starters, she’s barely an actress. We’re pretty confident we can say that because we’ve seen Transformers about ten times, and both talking robots and a little Chihuahua upstage her in it. Other than that movie, what has she done? She’s playing the lead in the next Diablo Cody-scripted movie. Is that supposed to make me think, outside of her body, she’s relevant as an actress? Considering the movie is called Jennifer’s Body and Ms. Fox plays Jennifer, probably not.

It’s not Ms. Fox’s fault. She even admits that acting isn’t her strong suit in the GQ interview ("I’m not Meryl Streep"), but she’s just endemic of the entire Hollywood machine. We’re sick of these pretty young faces being manufactured and forced upon us. We get it. Ms. Fox is the "bad girl." The girl who’s going to talk out against Disney and rail away on female body images and the exploitation of women, all while seductively sucking on an ice cube, wearing a bikini and starring in major studio movies. Her tough bravado comes off as forced and contrived, as do her attempts at scandal. Wow! She had a lesbian crush? OMG! Let’s get out our old DVDs of The O.C. and pretend we care.

We know. We’re being too critical. We should just accept Ms. Fox for what she is: a hot girl. But reading all about her this week made us  depressed. We want an actress that combines talent, beauty and actually has something to say. Where is the next Angelina Jolie?We’re waiting. Why We’re Officially Over Megan Fox