70s Icon Norman Lear Brings 70s to HBO

HBO is planning so many new series’, that it seems like they may need to quit showing movies to make room for them all. The latest comes with the help of 70s super-producer Norman Lear. The man who brought us All in the Family, Maude and Good Times is partnering with HBO for the first time to produce Everybody Hurts. Written by Aaron Blitzstein (The Riches), Hurts centers on the lives of a family in upstate New York who run a pro wrestling business in the late 70s.

The pitch is well-worn territory for HBO. Familial strife has been at the heart of their best hour-longs for over a decade. While the settings were different on The Sopranos, Six Feet Under and Big Love, the themes and conflicts were always the same. However this is the first time we can remember HBO going headlong into recent history for a series. Based on the successes of Mad Men, it’s obvious that people like being reminded of kitschy differences between yesterday and today. Mr. Lear seems like the perfect producer to bring all of this together. While he hasn’t done anything substantial in nearly two decades (his last big producing credit is attached to The Princess Bride), the man flat out owns the 70s. You can hardly think of a television series that didn’t carry his name during the decade. Who better to bring the disco decade back home?

Also, a digression. How did early pro wrestling get back into the cultural zeitgeist? Between Everybody Hurts and the Darren Aronofsky/Mickey Rouke surefire Oscar nominee The Wrestler, the "sport" is getting more ink now than the current NHL does. Quick, someone get "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka’s agent on the phone! 70s Icon Norman Lear Brings 70s to HBO