A Biden Gaffe Is in the Eye of the Beholder

The biggest knock on Joe Biden, back when Barack Obama was still mulling his running-mate options, was his propensity to commit gaffes. And in the two months since he was chosen, Biden has in many ways lived up to his reputation for indiscipline – particularly this week, as his prediction that a President Obama would be tested by a "generated" international crisis has given the G.O.P. an opening to stoke fears about Obama's seasoning.

Obama, who surrounded himself on Wednesday with a collection of reassuring national security graybeards, certainly didn't seem pleased to be answering Republican charges that his own running mate has doubts about his experience and preparation (even though Biden made a point of saying that Obama has "a spine of steel") while media outlets trotted out the "best of" Biden gaffe reels that they reserve for such occasions.

It's easy, as the talking heads go into overdrive on the Biden-blunder story line, to conclude that the most pessimistic forecasts have been validated and that the Delaware senator has proven himself to be a liability to the Democratic ticket. But that would be wildly inaccurate.

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