A Big Buy for Maffei, Pennsylvania in Perspective

David Paterson told a congressional committee that he's got 40-50 infrastructure projects on the table, but it would be nice if the federal government paid for them. [POTH]

The DNCC put $350,000 more into Eric Massa's challenge to incumbent Randy Kuhl. [Fighting 29th]

Congressional candidate Dan Maffei is almost definitely going to win, but Alice Kryzan's candidacy will "test the strength of Obama's coattails." [D&C]

It suddenly seems like Kristen McElroy's challenge to Republican State Senator Kemp Hannon might succeed. [Liz]

Norman Oder thinks that whether or not reports that Bruce Ratner is trying to sell the Nets are true, Atlantic Yards backers have probably a little nervous. [AYR]

Mike Tomasky thinks Pennsylvania is less competitive than cable TV is making it out to be. [Guardian]

The McCain campaign conjures an attack line that incorporates Arab terrorism, a liberal media conspiracy and Barack Obama. [LAT]

Joe Trippi does not think Barack Obama's half-hour ad is overkill, and he says it used to be done all the time. [The Plank]

Sarah Palin called McCain aide Nicole Wallace to smooth a few things over. [WP]

Mark Salter insists John McCain really does like Palin. [GQ] A Big Buy for Maffei, Pennsylvania in Perspective