ABC News to Transform Times Square Into ‘Outdoor Global Viewing Event’ for Election Night

Today ABC News executives announced their network’s plans for election night. Coverage will begin at 7 P.M. EST and continue until at least 2:00 A.M. Charles Gibson, Diane Sawyer, and George Stephanopoulos will anchor the live coverage from Times Square.

According to the press release, ABC News will be constructing on outdoor set in Times Square for the occasion, complete with "real time election results on three iconic screens—ABC’s Super Sign, the enormous digital facade of Nasdaq and the 23-story high Reuters sign."

The release:

Charles Gibson, Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos will anchor live coverage of election results across from the country on Tuesday, November 4th. ABC’s "Vote 2008" will originate from the Crossroads of the World, Times Square beginning with a special edition of "World News with Charles Gibson" at 6:30pm ET and continuing with full election coverage from 7:00pm ET until at least 2:00am ET. A special edition of Nightline will air at 2:35am ET.

On election night, ABC News will transform Times Square into an outdoor global viewing event, with thousands of people watching ABC News coverage of real time election results on three iconic screens – ABC’s Super Sign, the enormous digital façade of NASDAQ and the 23-story high Reuters sign. (Click to preview pictures of ABC News signs in Times Square: ) "Good Morning America Weekend" anchor Bill Weir will be in Times Square, reporting on reaction to the results.

"Vote 2008" will report state-by-state results of the Presidential election as well as key House, Senate and Gubernatorial races. Gibson, Sawyer and Stephanopoulos will be joined on air by a team of ABC news anchors, correspondents and analysts including:

—Senior Political Correspondent Jake Tapper and John Berman at Obama election headquarters in Chicago

—"Good Morning America Weekend" News Anchor Ron Claiborne and David Wright at McCain election headquarters in Phoenix

—"Good Morning America Weekend" Anchor Kate Snow with Gov. Sarah Palin

—"Good Morning America" Anchor Robin Roberts and "Good Morning America" News Anchor

—Chris Cuomo reporting on reaction throughout the country

—Jim Avila monitoring voting procedures with "Ballot Watch" reports

—Jonathan Karl reporting from Capitol Hill on the next Congress

—Martha Raddatz reporting from the White House

—Bianna Golodryga monitoring reaction in the blogosphere

—Sharyn Alfonsi, Dan Harris, Jeffrey Kofman, David Muir and Pierre Thomas reporting live from battleground states.

—Political analysts Cokie Roberts, George Will, Donna Brazile and Matthew Dowd in Times Square Studios and Torie Clarke in Washington, DC

—ABC News Political Director David Chalian and Polling Director Gary Langer

—Presidential Historian Richard Norton Smith

—Senior Foreign Correspondent Jim Sciutto, Supreme Court correspondent Jan Crawford Greenburg, Medical Editor Dr. Timothy Johnson, Iraq correspondent Terry McCarthy, Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross and Business Correspondent Betsy Stark reporting on the challenges facing the next administration

—College journalists from the ABC News on Campus program reporting live from Arizona State University, University of Florida, and the University of Texas at Austin on the youth vote

—On Election Night, Terry Moran and Cynthia McFadden will anchor a special edition of "Nightline" at 2:35am ET from the candidate’s election night headquarters in Chicago and Phoenix. They will be joined by George Stephanopoulos. will provide four live streams on Election Day, behind-the-scenes video and expert news and analysis. The live streams will include ABC News NOW, McCain Election Night Headquarters, Obama Election Night Headquarters, and a roving stream that will access reports from ABC News reporters in battleground states.

Live blogging led by Rick Klein, senior political reporter and author of "The Note", a team of ABC News reporters will cover the day on blogs including on the Political Radar, George’s Bottom Line, Political Punch, and Ballot Watch, a new blog that will track voting irregularities. will also roll out a number of new and updated interactive features for users, including: Real Time Results which will feature the national vote count, electoral vote projections, and a ticker which will display live results from up to five states simultaneously on the Home Page of Individual state pages will also display Presidential, Senate, House, and Gubernatorial results. An interactive, rollover map featured on will allow users to view state-by-state results without a single click; results will display electoral votes at state, live, raw presidential vote data and a winner indicator; and Exit Polls which, for the first time, will be available for search by the user giving an inside look on the process by which networks analyze, interpret and display exit poll results. Users can also get real time results on ABC News’ mobile site ( and, for the first time, can text or SMS state abbreviations for real time results on Election Night.

ABC News NOW, ABC’s 24-hour digital network currently available to 44 million users across cable, broadband and mobile platforms, will provide coverage of election night beginning at 7:00 PM ET and continuing until at least 11:00 p.m., ET. Coverage will also be available live on’s homepage, as well as the Politics section and the ABC News NOW section online ( ABC’s Sam Donaldson and Rick Klein, will co-host the coverage from ABC News studios in New York City.

ABC News to Transform Times Square Into ‘Outdoor Global Viewing Event’ for Election Night