Actress Rose Byrne Loves a Man in Pink

Last night, the Daily Transom found some hurried pre-debate partying going on at the Lacoste boutique on Fifth Avenue, where Lacoste and Vogue had partnered to launch the Lacoste Pink collection.

The event was hosted by Estée Lauder senior vice president and creative director Aerin Lauder-Zinterhofer, actress Rose Byrne, Vogue contributor Marisa Noel Brown, and socialites Gigi Mortimer and Cynthia Lufkin.

The Daily Transom spoke with Ms. Mortimer, who was wearing a fitted blue-and-white striped Lacoste dress, after she stepped out of a group photo taken with the five hostesses and Lacoste Robert Skinner. We wondered about spring orders, given the current economic climate.

"Well, Lacoste should be okay," Ms. Mortimer said. "It’s the stuff you want to wear and it’s also comfortable. We need to feel comfort right now, right?"

We sidled up next to Mr. Skinner to ask a similar question. He seemed unconcerned, and was watching the cameras snap on the store’s makeshift pink runway.

"We generally do well in times like this," he said, reiterating Ms. Mortimer’s sentiment about comfort clothing.

We caught socialite Emma Snowden-Jones and her date, filmmaker Victor Medina San Andres, as they left the runway giggling.

"I don’t think we’re going to be okay for a while, maybe 20 years," Ms. Snowden-Jones said before excusing herself for more individual shots on the pink-carpet. "Oy! Juan!"

She called artist Dennis Juan Ma over to us from another angle of the room. He was navigating the party on crutches.

"Stop with this Tiny Tim act!" she said, laughing

"Twenty years? I say five years," he said, smiling, noting her comment our financial state.

We found Ms. Byrne talking with her Damages co-star Noah Bean. Ms. Byrne was wearing a grey Lacoste v-neck sweater, blazer, and tights. "It’s a little ’90s but that’s OK," she said of her outfit.

Mr. Bean wore a nondescript V-neck with an Obama pin. They planned to go watch debate afterward, and were checking the time.

"Noah came to support me," said Ms. Byrne. "I asked him and a bunch of others I do a TV show with here…but they were too hung over. So it’s just me and…"

"The dead guy," Mr. Bean finished. They laughed.

"Yup, me and the dead guy. He’s been upstairs looking at all the shopping."

"At all the pink things," he interjected, almost proud.

The Daily Transom wondered if he planned on buying a Lacoste Pink anything. (In the Lacoste Pink line, the brand’s iconic green "croc" will appear in pink for the line; 10 percent of all proceeds generated from sales will benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.)

"I don’t know, it could be very misinterpreted," he said.

"I love a man in pink," said Ms. Byrne. "My boyfriend, I bought him a pink shirt, and I love him in it. I like a man who’s brave enough in his sexuality to wear a pink shirt, and go, ‘I am a man and I like pink.’ What do you think of that?"

She brushed some lint off of his sweater and he smiled.

Actress Rose Byrne Loves a Man in Pink