Anne Slowey is Still Not Over That Whole Nina Garcia Thing

After months of watching those over-done ads for the CW’s Stylista in which Anne Slowey‘s well-outfitted feet exit the elevator at Elle to deliver chilling insults to her "junior editor" hopefuls about their outfits, we’re looking forward to finally watching the premiere this Wednesday, Oct. 22.

Until recently, Ms. Slowey’s name was rarely heard outside of intimate fashion circles. But now that former Elle staffer Nina Garcia took her Project Runway fame over to Marie Claire where she’ll reportedly participate in yet another reality show, Ms. Slowey has been bumped up to the reality TV spotlight at Elle. And so while promoting the show in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Ms. Slowey couldn’t help but toss a few unpleasantries—in a not-so-hidden, passive aggressive way of course—in Ms. Garcia’s direction.

When asked if her workload has increased since the departure of several Elle "staffers," Ms. Slowey took the long-awaited opportunity to engage in some name-calling and finger-pointing.

"I think there was a lot of fat that could be trimmed — and was trimmed. I mean, we have not reduced our numbers on the features side at all," she replied. "So it’s the same balance of work pretty much, though I did take on Elle Accessories and then the TV show. I’m feeling overwhelmed on the day-to-day side of things."

Um, did Ms. Slowey just compare her former colleague to fat that required trimming?

It gets worse. When asked directly about the supposed feud between Ms. Garcia and herself, Ms. Slowey suggested that it was Ms. Garcia who started it by daring to compare herself to The Slowey. Then, she proceeded to say that Ms. Garcia’s presence at Elle was so minor that she had completely forgotten about it!

"I didn’t know about this until I read about it in New York magazine! We didn’t have very much to do with each other. I’m a writer, she’s a market editor. . . . Suddenly there’s another show — maybe it’s irresistible to go there," said Ms. Slowey. "I think she certainly. . . . by comparing herself to me, lent it some credibility. I’m not even really conscious of the fact that, oh yeah, she used to work at Elle." Anne Slowey is Still Not Over That Whole Nina Garcia Thing