Asbury Park Press endorses Zimmer

The Asbury Park Press endorsed Dick Zimmer for U.S. Senate yesterday, though not particularly enthusiastically.

The newspaper said that Zimmer fits the bill “at a time when the nation needs people who are better at figuring out how to reduce the size of government than finding new ways to expand it.”

The editorial spent significantly more words criticizing Lautenberg than lauding Zimmer, however, saying that “it’s debatable whether Lautenberg is as sharp and energetic as he needs to be to fulfill the demands of the job. But he has done everything he can to limit the opportunities for the public to judge for itself.”

It also raised the prospect that Lautenberg, 84, may not fill out his full term, “giving the Democratic Party, not the voters, the option of choosing a successor.”

If Lautenberg wins reelection and leaves the Senate before his term is up, it’s up to whatever Governor is in office at the time to appoint his replacement.

The paper today endorsed Democratic Ocean County freeholder candidate Stacy Lubrecht over incumbent Republican Joseph Vicari, saying that balance has been long missing from the all-Republican board.

The Press earlier endorsed Republican Medford Mayor Chris Myers over State Sen. John Adler (D-Cherry Hill) for the 3rd District congressional seat, and Rush Holt (D-Princeton) over Holmdel Deputy Mayor Alan Bateman in the not-so-competitive 12th Congressional District.

It endorsed Barack Obama for president over John McCain.

Asbury Park Press endorses Zimmer