VSL:KIDS // Channel your child’s inner Jennifer Beals

Nineteen eighty-two is so 2006. But leg warmers and diapers? That look transcends time entirely.

Think about it: no snaps or waistbands to reckon with, no knee bruises for the all-terrain crawler, no slippery stocking feet, and no
saggy-tights crotch inching down the thighs.
BabyLegs leg warmers fit babies, tots, and even tweens, and come in 144 colors and patterns — from rugged to rainbows. If you need help getting past the old-school dance associations, the website’s got photos of boys and girls displaying the product to decidedly modern effect. Then again, you may want to go with the Flashdance aesthetic after all — think of how much longer your kid’s shirts would fit if you could slash the necks wide open!

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