VSL:WEB // How much of a man (or woman) are you?

Keep your pants on — seriously! It’s not that kind of test. What the BBC’s Sex ID test is, is an online exam that tells you whether you’ve got the brains of a typical man or a typical woman.

As we all know, men and women are from Mars and Venus, respectively. Each sex has its mental strengths and weaknesses. And just to complicate matters, some women have more male-like brains, and vice versa. Why, exactly? The theories include birth order, left- or right-handedness, and testosterone levels in the mother’s womb.

Created by the BBC with a team of psychologists, the test breaks down into six parts, each of which takes one to five minutes of your time. You’ll be tested on what kind of face attracts you, and your facility with words. (FYI: Women use twice as many words as men do.) The quiz is fun, insightful, and well worth a whirl. And oh – you’ll need a ruler. (Relax, guys — it’s to measure your fingers.)

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