Bergen freeholder board subpoenaed

A subpoena was served to the Bergen County Custodian of Records today seeking documents related to the Freeholder Board.

Freeholder counsel Ed Florio confirmed that a subpoena was served, but would not detail what it was for.

"A subpoena was served to the Freeholder Board by the US Attorney," he said. "I can tell you that there were no individual freeholders, nor was the Board of Chosen Freeholders noticed on the subpoena at all. It was served on the custodian of records of Bergen county.”

U.S. Attorney spokesman Greg Reinert declined to comment.

Florio said that neither he nor the freeholders would have any further comment on the subpoenas, but insiders speculated that the documents sought were likely related to the county’s contract with Web developer John Carrino, who has ties to indicted Democratic Chairman Joe Ferriero. The Bergen Record reported last week that at least six Bergen County towns were subpoenaed for documents relating to several of Carrino’s firms.

Three members of the Bergen County Freeholder board are up for reelection this year in a race where Republicans have repeatedly raised Ferriero’s indictment on eight corruption counts: Bernadette McPherson, Vernon Walton and David Ganz.

McPherson and Walton could not immediately be reached for comment. Ganz said that it would be improper to comment.

While acknowledging that he didn’t yet know what the subpoenas were about, Republican Freeholder candidate Chris Calabrese said that it squares with the point that his campaign has been hammering.

“For years now we’ve been talking about how they’re running a corrupt enterprise in Bergen county and it’s costing the taxpayers money. We have to have checks and balances here to protect the taxpayers, and now we’re $750 million in debt in our county. Where is this money going?” he said. “Obviously the tie-ins to where their money is from and Joe Ferriero, it doesn’t take much to conclude that their self-serving purpose was not for the taxpayers, but to take donations and give out no-bid pay-to-play contracts. It’s not too far fetched to look at that.”





Bergen freeholder board subpoenaed