Bergen Republicans want to see subpoena

In Bergen County, Republicans have filed an OPRA request for a copy of the subpoena that the all-Democrat freeholder board received last week from the U.S. Attorney’s office.

“There is no legal reason we could find why the freeholders cannot turn over copies of the federal subpoenas that were released last week,” said Republican candidate Chris Calabrese.

The Bergen County Republican Organization also filed six OPRA request for details about $50 million in projects authorized by the freeholder board this year.

Freeholder counsel Ed Florio, last week acknowledged that a subpoena had been served on the county’s Custodian of Records, though he would not divulge exactly the feds were seeking. But subpoenas had already been sent to several Bergen County towns that had contracts with firms owned by Democratic donor John Carrino, a Web developer. Insiders, including the Republicans, speculate that the latest subpoena involved Carrino’s firms as well.

“If officials in the municipalities are willing to hand over information on the federal subpoenas they received, why won’t the freeholders do the same,” said Duggan.

Bergen County Democratic spokesman Bill Maer called the Republicans’ request a diversion, arguing that the county was in worse shape a decade ago, when it was under Republican control.

“Unfortunately, the Republicans will say and do virtually anything as they cover up their party’s dismal record and lack of accomplishments in Bergen County. Under the Republicans, the county infrastructure was left in shambles, and the workforce was bloated,” he said. It took the Democratic administration and freeholder board to turn around the county operation. Unfortunately for the Republicans, they have no agenda and they have no solution to the issues facing the people of Bergen County, and it’s interesting that they have been quiet on the national Republican’s mismanagement of our current economic crisis.”

The freeholder candidates have a debate scheduled for Wednesday afternoon at Bergen County Community College.

Bergen Republicans want to see subpoena