Bill Clinton For Weiner, Not Against Bloomberg

Bill Clinton can talk a lot.

Speaking at an event to help reelect Representative Anthony Weiner at Queens College on Thursday night, Clinton stood in a somewhat ill-fitted dark suit and in front of a big yellow sign that said “Weiner” and talked about the impressive diversity in the borough (“this room has Muslims and Jews, this room has Christians and Sikhs and for all I know Buddhists, Hindi and everything else”), the importance of electing a Democratic State Senate, his “love” of the subway, the importance of electing a president who understands the need to invest in “public mass transit or the rail network for the country” to create jobs and reduce the threat of global warming and “increase the economic independence of urban areas,” the “unchanging interest” Americans have in building a strong middle class society, health care, Winston Churchill, bringing troops home from Iraq, obligations to veterans, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the two million foreclosures this year and its ramifications on the credit markets and the entire national and then global economy.

The one thing he was told by aides not to talk about, was the one thing New York reporters sitting to the side of the room were interested in hearing: What did he think about the City Council’s decision earlier in the day to extend term limits and allow Michael Bloomberg to run for a third term?

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