Bloomberg and Markowitz, M.T.A. Bonds

Hofstra Students for McCain are not as numerous as Hofstra Students for Obama, but they’re "just as vocal." [Spin Cycle

Thomas Frank writes about his own friendship with Bill Ayers. [WSJ]

The New York Times editorial board supports banning natural gas drilling anywhere near the city’s water supply. [NYT]

Michael Bloomberg sort of defended Marty Markowitz, whose campaign donations (including some from Bloomberg) have recently come under scrutiny. [Brooklyn Paper]

A columnist coins the term "Full Metal Spitzer." [Palm Beach Post]

Barry Popick doesn’t think the M.T.A. is in any shape to still be issuing bonds. [Room 8]

Helen Foster is another Council member who has not said which way she will vote on term limits. [West Bronx News]

Katrina Vanden Heuval recommends that progressives in New York vote the Working Family Parties line. [The Nation]

  Bloomberg and Markowitz, M.T.A. Bonds