Bloomberg Endorses New Jersey Democrat Over Gun Control

Michael Bloomberg endorsed  Democratic congressional candidate and blind rabbi Dennis Shulman of New Jersey this morning.

The mayor endorsed Shulman, who he met only a few days ago, because the incumbent, Republican Representative Scott Garrett, does not support gun control. 

Bloomberg also faced repeated questions over why he hasn’t made an endorsement in the presidential race.

“I don’t know who is going to get elected,” he said, adding that as mayor he’d “have to work with anybody.”

Bloomberg said he simply hasn’t heard enough specifics from either candidate, for which he blamed the media. “We ask our candidates to give us up-and-down answers to questions that aren’t black-and-white,” Bloomberg said. He went on to add that neither Barack Obama nor John McCain have “given concrete answers.”

(A reporter did ask Bloomberg if he'd heard any specifics in his private dealings with the candidates, but the mayor said he wouldn't discuss those conversations.)

Bloomberg took the opportunity to highlight his own bipartisanship. Today, he backed a Democrat, he pointed out, while last week he endorsed Republican Representative Chris Shays of Connecticut. 

Bloomberg said he has no other plans to endorse or financially support any other congressional candidates running this year, saying, “I don’t plan to get involved in local races on local issues.”

Asked if that meant he won’t get involved in State Senate races, Bloomberg reiterated his defense of State Senate Republicans.

“What I don’t like is if one party controls all parts of government,” Bloomberg said. Bloomberg Endorses New Jersey Democrat Over Gun Control