Bloomberg to Golisano: Spend, Please

[img_assist|nid=87|title=Bloomberg.|desc=Azi Paybarah|link=none|align=left|width=420|height=315]Please Tom Golisano, spend your money here!

That’s the message Michael Bloomberg had when asked for comment about Golisano’s plan to spend lavishly in order to block Bloomberg’s plan to change the city’s term limits law.

“Well, if he spends a lot of money in New York City, I think that’s wonderful,” Bloomberg told reporters at a press conference in Queens. “The advertising business isn’t all that good at the moment. If he wants to spend his money, I think that’s fine. He lives upstate, but if he has a view, there’s nothing wrong with him expressing it.”

Bloomberg then moved on to another question, declining to listen to a follow-up inquiry from the reporter, Marcia Kramer of CBS. Bloomberg to Golisano: Spend, Please