Brave Brooklyn For Scary Halloween Art

If you can summon the courage, and brave the subway ride, the Gowanus Studio Space, a non-profit arts organization in Brooklyn, is having a show of Halloween themed photographs. Titled "All Hallow’s Even," the show opens tonight, albeit at the distinctly un-witch-like hour of 6.

Nothing too scary, mind you, or candycorn sweet. The show isn’t really gimmicky. The photos come mostly by way of young, unestablished photographers, grouped by a communal mood: a wisp of eeriness, misplaced notes sounding the macabre. The artist Kate Steciw is represented by photographs of overgrown gravestones. A black and white photo by Maciej Toporowicz of two kids is a little harder to place. Whatever else may be going on in their lives, the boys bear more than than a passing resemblance to Eddie Munster.

No, the real jitters of the night will undoubtedly come after you’ve left the show, when it’s time to home, and you’re forced to walk alongside the Gowanus Canal. Swamp Thing? Creature from the Black Lagoon? And good luck trying to catch the G train on a Friday night. Whatever else that cursed line might be, it’s definitely not alive. Brave Brooklyn For Scary Halloween Art