British Tabloids Quick to Turn on Newly Americanized Peaches Geldof

When celebrities leave New York and relocate to England, the glee on the part of British tabloids is unmistakable. In the past, The Mirror, The Sun and The Daily Mail have embraced American celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna as their own, staking out their homes and devoting no less coverage to their child-rearing than they do to Amy Winehouse‘s drug habits. In turn, the American tabs develop a scornful attitude, accusing Ms. Paltrow and Madonna of acquiring pretentious accents and slamming New York as no longer being an "exciting" city.

The latest import from the U.K., 19-year-old Peaches Geldof, who has been chronicling her move and recent marriage to musician Max Drummey in a column in Nylon magazine, seems to be stuck in the middle of this battle of the bi-continental celebrity tabloids. Which is to say, the British ones seem to turning on her.

Following Ms. Geldof’s debut column about how she finally feels at home in New York (which she ends by saying, "there’s no place I’d rather be"), the Daily Mail has published a lengthy piece about how sad Ms. Geldof’s life has become in the States.

From the article:

Pampered Miss Geldof, who, thanks to the enormous wealth of her father Sir Bob, has been used to a comfortable life in London, has had to slum it in the back of a grungy van as she tours the U.S. with wannabe rocker Max Drummey and his group Chester French.

The tabloid goes on to say that Ms. Geldof had a falling out with one of Ms. Drummey bandmates, which led her husband to be mean to her.

More importantly, Drummey, who was initially welcoming of the attention their Las Vegas wedding gave to his hitherto unknown band, is said by friends to be regretting hitching himself to the publicity bandwagon of the attention-seeking Peaches.
Friends say he told his bride in no uncertain terms that she was not wanted on the band’s current tour of the U.S.

And so Ms. Geldof, according to the Daily Mail, has become delusional enough to compare herself to Yoko Ono.

But the rapprochement has not stopped Peaches describing herself – apparently with a straight face – as ‘the new Yoko Ono’ (an unintentionally hilarious reference to how Ono’s relationship with John Lennon hastened the demise of The Beatles). All of which is typical of the fantasy world that is Planet Peaches.

Then the tabloid makes a crack about Ms. Geldof’s "cringe-making" singing voice and makes fun of the fact that she thought she could sing in her husband’s band. British Tabloids Quick to Turn on Newly Americanized Peaches Geldof