Brooklyn for McCain, the Libertarian Paterson

In most Brooklyn neighborhoods a majority of donations went to Barack Obama, but in the south part of the borough, a majority went to John McCain. [C.J.R. via Brownstoner]

David Yassky has become the “whipping boy” of politicians and voters who are angry about the term-limits extension. [Brooklyn Paper]

Democratic State Senator Suzi Oppenheimer got a slew of last-minute donations, including one from Bernard Spitzer. [Liz]

David Paterson quoted Ayn Rand before he asked the federal government for a bailout. [Gothamist]

Local libertarian media find this wildly inappropriate. [Serf City]

Obama will advertise in some very red states: Georgia, North Dakota and Arizona. [Spin Cycle]

David Espo reports that Rahm Emanuel is a likely pick for Obama’s chief of staff, but Ambinder is skeptical. [MA]

On the Daily Show, Bill Kristol does nothing to allay suspicions that he’s been phoning it in at The Times. [Media Mob]

The Obama campaign won’t let the Washington Times or the New York Post on the plane anymore. [Ben]

Brooklyn for McCain, the Libertarian Paterson