Clinton for Foley

[img_assist|nid=68|title=Hillary Clinton with Brian Foley|desc=(courtesy of the Foley campaign)|link=none|align=left|width=420|height=332]Democratic State Senate candidate Brian Foley announced he’s been endorsed by Clinton, saying “together, we can bring change to Albany – change that will make a real difference.”

Speaking of change, anybody keeping count of the number of Democrats touting their support of (or from) Barack Obama, compared to Clinton?

Obama may be the Democratic presidential nominee, but there, Clinton is still the more coveted endorsement, it seems.

Anyway, this is the latest endorsement of Clinton that’s been touted by Democrats running for office around the state. She’s also endosed Don Barber for State Senate in Cortland, and Mike McMahon for Congress on Staten Island.

Also, John Riley wants to know when Clinton will hit the campaign trail with Foley, who is trying to unseat Republican Caesar Trunzo.

UPDATE: Foley's director of communications Ibrahim Khan emailed to say Clinton is helping lots of Democrats, and that she is "clearly one of the most popular elected officials in our district and we're thrilled to have her endorsement." Clinton for Foley