Clinton for Gillibrand, Pepsi for Obama

Hillary Clinton made a fund-raising push for Representative Kirsten Gillibrand. [CC]

The Landmarks Preservation Committee will allow St. Vincent's to tear down the weird-looking white building on Seventh Avenue near 14th Street. [The Real Estate]

More evidence of budget problems: the city housing department is moving 8,000 publicly owned apartments to the Section 8 program to "pump" money from the federal government. [NYT]

Reportedly, John McCain was in a major car crash in 1964, and the Navy doesn't want to talk about it. [HP]

The New Yorker remembers Sarah Palin used the term "share the wealth" in a positive context before she was a V.P. candidate. [Political Wire]

Barack Obama is leading solidly in the swing states of Colorado and Pennsylvania. [AP]

Is Pepsi trying to ride Obama's coattails? [Spin Cycle] Clinton for Gillibrand, Pepsi for Obama