Codey says he won’t invoke executive privilege

Senate President Richard Codey says he will not invoke executive privilege in the investigation of the Property Tax Assistance and Community Development Grants program approved during his fourteen months as Governor, and said he will support the release of all documents.

"Although legally we have the right to invoke executive privilege, to the contrary we want this information to be released. People have a right to know how their money is being spent. I think the public will see, as they scrutinize these lists, that this money helped support many good causes,” Codey said. “The release of these documents will help clarify many questions surrounding the grant program.

In the federal corruption trial of former State Sen. Wayne Bryant, Senate Democratic budget officer George LeBlanc testified that certain legislators, including Codey, Bryant and then-Majority Leader Bernard Kenny, had exclusive control over nearly $12,000 from the program, which was set up to offer property tax relief. Bryant is accused of directing some of the money to UMDNJ, where he had a lucrative position that allegedly required very few hours of work. Codey says he won’t invoke executive privilege