VSL:FOOD // Mother’s milk . . . now available for grown-ups!

Mother’s milk is the first taste most of us acquire, but when Swiss restaurateur Hans Locher added it to the recipes at his Winterthur restaurant, wails of outrage broke out all over the world: Breast-milk lamb curry? Breast-milk soup? The regulators weren’t buying it, and Locher had to revise his menu accordingly.

But there’s a sucker born every minute, and this isn’t the last we’ll see
of breast-milk cuisine.
In Europe, at least, breast milk has a fervent following: It’s high in nutrients and has a more complex flavor than milk
from a bovine teat. According to a new study by researchers at the University of Copenhagen, it also carries whatever flavors the mother ingested. Soon Americans may be wondering: Why content myself with run-of-the-mill chocolate milk when I could be enjoying delicious, nutritious cinnamon-apple-pie-flavored milk straight from the breast?

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