Copy Editor to Post: Fix Hed [Update: Our Mistake]

Sure, it’s not as loaded a mistake as Page Six claiming that Michelle Obama allegedly ordered lobsters and Iranian caviar at the Waldorf-Astoria even though she wasn’t technically a guest at the hotel or in New York City at the time, but today’s New York Post has the sort of gaffe that drives high school composition teachers and Lynne Truss-reading fans of the English language crazy.

As you can see from today’s frontpage, the story on Isiah Thomas by Andrea Peyser suggests that the former Knicks coach is getting some sort of arid land.

Of course, typos happen all the time, so perhaps we shouldn’t be so huffy (see third Breaking News item).

Update, 4:15 P.M.: The third item on the Post’s homepage has changed. Also, per the comment below, it looks like The Post was in the right and our grasp of idioms isn’t as firm as we thought.

See Snopes‘ explanation and Wise Geek‘s take on this common mistake.

As The Post might say, we regret the error. Copy Editor to Post: Fix Hed [Update: Our Mistake]