Co-Starring Rangel and Obama

A reader in Manhattan emailed this picture of a campaign poster featuring Representative Charlie Rangel of Harlem and Barack Obama.

It is a pairing I haven’t seen often.

Rangel was one of Hillary Clinton’s earliest supporters, and, like every other member of the New York Democratic congressional delegation, resisted endorsing Obama until after Clinton officially dropped out of the race.

Obama has wanted to keep his distance from Rangel, returning the a donation from the congressman’s P.A.C., because under Obama, the D.N.C. will not accept donations from lobbyists and P.A.C.s.

This year, there were also unflattering headlines about Rangel occupying four rent-stabilized apartments, using congressional stationary to raise money for a facility named after him, and failing to pay taxes earned on a villa he invested in in the Dominican Republic.

Co-Starring Rangel and Obama