Diane von Furstenberg Channels Her Inner Wonder Woman, But Do Superheroes ‘Work’ In Fashion?

The fashion world has recently become fascinated with superheroes of the Batman, Spiderman, and Superman variety. This year the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art chose a superhero theme for its annual gala; Anna Wintour wore a silver Chanel extraterrestrial gown. Even socialite Denise Wohl, mother of Arden, started a comic book company, Intrinsic Comics, last year with former Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief James Shooter

Now designer Diane von Furstenberg is getting ready to launch her holiday collection inspired by Wonder Woman, perhaps hoping that superheroes will bring the same kind of sales to a clothing line as they did to feature films. She’s even authored a comic book, “Be the Wonder Woman You Can Be, Featuring the Adventures of Diva, Viva & Fifa," illustrated by artist Konstantin Kakanias. The comic will feature inspirational stories about three women as they discover their "inner Wonder Woman," all while wearing DVF designs. 


“I am Diva, Viva and Fifa altogether, I am DVF,” Ms. von Furstenberg told Women’s Wear Daily. “It’s not so much that I identify with each of them, though. The idea is that if you feel insecure, look at yourself in the mirror, and through the reflection remember to be the Wonder Woman you can be. That’s my message.”

While it all sounds very inspirational, we wonder if superheroes can only make money as long as they are on the big screen taking down villains and making the world right again. After all, isn’t that the reason that comic book-based films have done exceptionally well post-9/11?

The cross-over of the superhero into fashion seems more risky. As much as people might be into superheroes these days, they probably don’t want to dress like them. And while the one-time superhero theme of the Costume Institute Ball was a cute idea—playing dress-up being the main appeal—basing an entire collection on Wonder Woman seems risky. It’s also difficult to imagine Ms. von Furstenberg’s customers and friends being the ideal audience for the specialty comic book that retails at $25. 

But at least Ms. von Furstenberg’s granddaughter is into it. 

“Last weekend, I was in the car with my granddaughter Antonia, and she was reading it out loud,” Ms. von Furstenberg told WWD. “I just thought, ‘What a wonderful message.’ There is a Wonder Woman in each of us, and once you understand that, you get what you want. And once you do that, you can give back.”

 [via Racked] Diane von Furstenberg Channels Her Inner Wonder Woman, But Do Superheroes ‘Work’ In Fashion?