District Poster Pressures Lappin

 [img_assist|nid=57|title=The W.F.P. focuses on Jessica Lappin in East Midtown.|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=420|height=315]

A reader emailed this photo of a poster that's up in midtown Manhattan, urging people to call City Councilwoman Jessica Lappin to push her to vote against changing the city’s term-limits law.

It's part of the Working Families Party's campaign to block the Bloomberg-backed bill.

Lappin, despite the considerable attention, is among the undecided, and her decision on this issue is worth watching. Unlike 35 of her colleagues, she’s not term-limited in 2009 (she was elected in 2005), so the issue is somewhat academic for her.

Also, many of her constituents are Wall Street executives–exactly the sort of voter to whom Bloomberg is trying to appeal to.

District Poster Pressures Lappin