Donna Karan Says the Universe is Giving Us a Wake-Up Call

Last night’s opening of Edwin Schlossberg‘s new Action Center to End World Hunger in Battery Park City was held in conjunction with the Global Action Awards, which presented four "poverty-fighting young people" with a $5,000 award from Mercy Corps.

"It’s a drop-in space," Mr. Schlossberg, who was there with his wife Caroline Kennedy, told the Daily Transom. "Sort of like retail. Not like a museum–with a museum there are expectations that people know something before they get here."

The fashion designer Donna Karan arrived wearing tall boots and a heavy black cotton piece from her fall 2008 collection; she would be hosting the after-party at her Urban Zen space on Greenwich Street. The costume designer William Ivey Long cupped our arm and led us toward the door. "I feel guilty that we’re going to eat now after a hunger thing. Maybe we should jog or something? Oh, well! With all my guilt I’m going."

Attendees were greeted by the glowing candle-lit facade of Ms. Karan’s retail space. On the second floor, socialite Chira Clemente sat by the fire in the corner. Dermatologist and Vogue regular Lisa Airan and socialite Somers Farkas mingled near a huge wooden table.

Urban Zen has three initiatives: education, preservation and well being. "It’s very clear for me that we cannot blame the world for it’s problems," she said, scooting closer to us on her long L-shaped couch. "It is each and every one of us. We so have to take on our own responsibility now for change. And no question about it, Obama is in as far as I’m concerned. Bar none. And what I think the Clinton Initiative has done is just extraordinary, bring that awareness to communities, business communities. It’s been so important."

Speaking of business communities, any comment on the global market?

"I really do think honestly that these are the lessons–that we created it. There is no question in my mind that this creation that we’re dealing with right now, is the universe telling us it’s a wake up call." Donna Karan Says the Universe is Giving Us a Wake-Up Call