Dueling Fund-Raisers: Bloomberg for Padavan, Kennedy for Gennaro

Michael Bloomberg, who may or may not want to run for mayor on the Republican line, is helping Republican State Senator Frank Padavan catch up to his Democratic opponent in fund-raising.

Bloomberg is hosting a $1,000-per-person fund-raiser at his East Side townhouse for Padavan tonight at 5:30 p.m. Co-chairs are asked to pledge $10,000 to Padavan’s campaign, according to an email sent to supporters by one of former governor George Pataki’s fund-raisers, Jason Weingartener. The email was forwarded to me by a reader.

Padavan, who has been in the State Senate since 1972, has $164,845.20 in his campaign account. His challenger, City Councilman Jim Gennaro, has $412,806.72.

Gennaro is also having a fund-raiser tonight at a bar on 44th Street at 7 p.m. It's hosted by environmental activist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (who has raised money for Gennaro before) and tickets are $25.

Here's the email for Padavan's event:

****** START OF FORWARDED MESSAGE ************

 From          : "Jason Weingartner"

To            :
Subject       : Reception with Senator Frank Padavan at the Residence of Mayor Michael Bloomberg
Date          : 10/01/08 17:37

Primary Heading

On Monday, October 20, 2008, Senator Frank Padavan will be in Manhattan for a fundraising reception at the home of Mayor Michael Bloomberg from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.

Senaor Frank Padavan's appointment as Vice President Pro Tempore of the New York State Senate is the culmination of more than 30 years of experience, hard work and dedication to the people he represents and all New Yorkers. Prior  to his current appointment as Vice President Pro Tempore of the Senate, and his previous appointment as Cities Committee Chairman, Senator Padavan served for 10 years as Chairman of the Mental Hygiene and Addiction
Control Committee (1977-1987). In addition to serving as Vice President Pro Tempore and Chairman of the Senate Majority Immigration Task Force, Senator Padavan is a member of the Legislative Commission on Critical Transportation Choices and an Ex-Offico member of all Senate Standing Committees.

We would like to invite you to serve on the Host Committee: General Chairs are committing to raise $10,000, Co-Chairs are committing to raise $5,000 and Vice-Chairs are committing to raise $2,500. Please fax or email back
your response by _Monday, October 13, 2008._

Individual tickets to the reception are $1,000 per person.

Please make checks payable to: _Frank Padavan Re-Election Campaign Committee__

If you have any questions, please call Jason Weingartner at (212) ###-####.
_***PLEASE FAX RESPONSE TO (212) ###-#### __OR EMAIL TO ####@####_

_Reception for Senator Frank Padavan_
_Monday, October 20, 2008_
_Residence of Mayor Michael Bloomberg_
_New York City_
_5:30 to 7:00 p.m._

_Guest(s) will not be admitted without prior RSVP(s) _
_No RSVP(s) will be available at the door._

_____            YES, I (we) would like to serve on the Host Committee.
I (we) commit to:
           _          _____      General Chair ($10,000 commitment)_
_                 _____      Co-Chair ($5,000 commitment)_
                            ______      Vice-Chair ($2,500 commitment)_

Contact Name: _____________________________

Contact Number: ___________________   Contact Email:__________________

  _General Chair_
_ _
Commit to raise or give $10,000
Commit to raise or give $5,000
Commit to raise or give $2,500
$1,000 per person
12 Tickets to the Reception
6 Tickets to the Reception
3 Tickets to the Reception
1 Ticket to the Reception

_____NO, I (we) cannot serve on the Host Committee; however, I (we) will buy
__________ ticket(s) to the reception ($1,000 per ticket).

_____NO, I (we) cannot attend the reception, however, I (we) will forward a
generous donation of $__________ to the committee at 150 Broadway, Suite
1011, New York, NY 10038.

_ _
Personal,  PAC  and Corporate contributions are acceptable and will be deposited  according to New York State Election Law. N.Y.S. Law allows corporations to contribute an annual aggregate of $5,000 for all New York State Political Contributions. Each affiliated or subsidiary corporation, if a  separate  legal entity, may contribute that amount. Individuals may contribute $9,500 for the General election. Contributions are not accepted from minors (persons under 18 years of age). Contributions from foreign nationals are prohibited. An individual residing in the United States who
possesses a green card may contribute.

_Paid for by Frank Padavan Re-Election Campaign Committee_
                 Not Printed at Government Expense


Dueling Fund-Raisers: Bloomberg for Padavan, Kennedy for Gennaro