Elsewhere: Governors on Palin, Subsidized Stadiums, Bloomberg’s ‘Inelegant’ Timing

[img_assist|nid=116|title=Brooklyn County Democrats and Council Member Letitia James frown on Bloomberg’s plan.|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=420|height=239] Although some recent polls have shown his lead narrowing, l a new national survey has Barack Obama ahead of John McCain 53-39.

Sarah Palin introduces Tito the Builder.

Google C.E.O. Eric Schmidt will pay more taxes under Obama, but he's OK with that.

Mitch McConnell makes a Cosmopolitan Jew ad about Chuck Schumer.


Former New Jersey governor Tom Kean does not think Sarah Palin appeals to voters in his state.

Current Florida Governor Charlie Crist seems to agree.

Ambinder predicts an anti-elitist backlash from the Republican Party in 2012 (in other words, look for Huckabee and Palin). 

Chuck Schumer talks about plate tectonics, and the election.

The I.R.S. ruled that the Yankees, Mets and Nets stadiums can be financed with tax-free bonds, essentially at the expense of the taxpayer.

Rudy is going to Minnesota for Norm.

Michael Bloomberg recounted a shouting match with Charles O'Byrne, then expressed his support.

O'Byrne, the top aide to David Paterson who recently paid $200,000 in back taxes, has agreed to cooperate with an investigation.

Kevin Powell, for one, opposes Bloomberg's proposed third term.

City Councilman James Sanders is undecided, but he calls Bloomberg's timing "inelegant."

State Senate Democrats are attacking Dean Skelos for failing to close the deal on the Aqueduct, costing the state a reported $1 million a day.

Republican State Senate candidate Dennis Delano, who despite all odds is polling ahead of the Democratic incumbent, is refusing to debate or meet with newspaper editorial boards.

Republican congressional candidate Chris Lee, who is facing Democrat Alice Kryzan, won't interview with a progressive blog.

A blogger doesn't think the Railroad Retirement Board had any other choice than to agree to review their disability payments.

The fancy new system of monitoring energy use in government buildings has cut energy consumption 8.4 percent.

If you value your life, go to the D.O.T.'s presentation to Community Board 2 tonight, warns Gowanus Lounge. Elsewhere: Governors on Palin, Subsidized Stadiums, Bloomberg’s ‘Inelegant’ Timing