Elsewhere: Hillary Rallies, Treadwell Rephrases

According to Charlie Crist, John McCain is actually up in Florida.

A new set of state polls from CNN show Barack Obama with a significant lead in Colorado, Florida and Virginia, McCain leading solidly in George, and Mississippi about tied.

Sarah Palin is facing another ethics complaint.

Hillary Clinton campaigned for State Senator William Stachowski in Buffalo.

State schools are preparing for the worst when it comes to the budget.

A "supermaket tabloid" filed Freedom of Information Law requests about Republican State Senator Joe Robach.

Representative Randy Kuhl says his internal polling had him beating Democrat Eric Massa this whole time.

Patrick Egan tries arguing that extending term limits will provide a strong check on Michael Bloomberg's power.

One blogger doubts David Paterson has made enough budget cuts to state agencies.

According to Drew Kerr, Republican congressional candidate Sandy Treadwell said he didn't mean to say he'd never vote to cut taxes.

The Times Union finds more ballot problems.

Republican State Senator Caesar Trunzo was at a ribbon cutting.

The Wonkster notes that in his remarks last night, Paterson was drawing a parallel between the ethical inappropriateness of extending term limits and partisan gerrymandering.

Tom Wrobleski wonders who won last night's congressional debate on Staten Island.

City Councilman John Liu's chief of staff joined Council candidate Liz Crowley for a local rally.

In this radio spot advertising for a rally tomorrow, Lenora Fulani attacks Bloomberg, and says "When I'm attacked, the real target is the community."

Andrew Cuomo wants to know more about bonuses at banks the federal government is bailing out.

City Councilwoman Maria Baez of the Bronx may get a primary challenge.

Gotham Schools misses Principals Weekly. Elsewhere: Hillary Rallies, Treadwell Rephrases