Elsewhere: Kerry’s Joke, King Bloomberg

[img_assist|nid=84|title=Together again in Orlando today.|desc=Getty Images|link=none|align=left|width=420|height=262]Barack Obama's national lead has narrowed, but he's up 10 points in Virginia.

John Kerry makes an incontinence joke about John McCain.

Gun-toting term-limit defender Ted Nugent says, "Hey Mikey, eat me. That guy's a punk."

Marc Ambinder thinks a McCain adviser's comparison of Barack Obama to John Kennedy may not be the most effective line of attack. 
Andrew Cuomo's campaign against child pornography may threaten the privacy of "every Internet user."

A Jewish Repulican group is putting $2 million behind anti-Obama ads that will air in swing states.

John Riley is a little peeved that that the Obama campaign is still soliciting donations.

David Paterson is still standing behind his top aide, who recently paid $200,000 worth of back taxes.

Hillary Clinton is headlining the Monroe County Democrats Annual Dinner.

State Senator Caesar Trunzo got the "mixed blessing" endorsement of a large teachers union.

Irene Liu welcomes colleague Jimmy Vielkind to the Albany reporting scene, and says "bring it."

1199 opposes changing term limits legislatively.

Michael Bloomberg defends his strategic use of nonprofit groups to advocate on his behalf.

The Forum features Bloomberg on the front page, with the headline, "It's Good to be the King."

The Brooklyn Optimist wants to debunk the notion that voters can just vote out their officials if they want to, noting only one incumbent lost his seat in 2005.

1199 SEIU goes with incumbent Democratic State Senator Darrel Aubertine.

The New Your State United Teachers union is helping Republicans hold onto the State Senate, says LoHud.

Vito Fossella had a town hall meeting…via phone.

DCCC spokeswoman Carrie James is slightly optimistic about her party's chances here in November.

John McCain robocalls on the economy.

Democrats are spending more money than Republicans in Randy Kuhl's district. Elsewhere: Kerry’s Joke, King Bloomberg