Elsewhere: Obama’s Ratings, Fares Increasing, Poll Says Lee Leads

Calling Barack Obama a "risk" that "America should take," The Economist endorses him and laments, "If only the real John McCain had been running."

Lots of people watched Obama's half-hour commercial.

Joe the Plumber stood John McCain up this morning, but managed to get to an event this afternoon.

A new study indicates that newspaper endorsements do matter.

There were three building permit applications submitted in the city last month, the smallest number since September, 2001, and an 87 percent drop over the same period last year.

The M.T.A. will meet soon to assess its budget; a fare increase and cuts to services like cleaning are expected.

An anti-war group stopped its candlelight vigil because it expects Obama to win.

"I've always been an Obama supporter," says rapper Mos Def, whose support, Azi noted earlier, may not be eagerly embraced by the campaign.

Hakeem Jeffries said Sheldon Silver told him he'd allow a vote on a bill requiring public referendums for any city in the state wishing to alter its term-limits law.

Andrew Cuomo's endorsement of Brian Foley: "a little like dog bites man."

When David Paterson was campaigning with congressional candidate Mike McMahon, McMahon's Republican opponent happened to be walking by.

The Buffalo Bean cites a Survey USA poll showing Republican congressional candidate Chris Lee leading Democrat Alice Kryzan 48-34 (with 18 percent undecided).

Rudy Giuliani tells CBS Channel 6 that New York City has to cut its budget.

An interested reader notes that in the Siena poll, 48 percent of voters don't know who Barbara Donno is.

The Greenpoint rezoning meeting focused on preserving industrial buildings.

Anthony Como campaigns with a priest.

Somebody keeps stealing Peter Frampton's Obama signs, and he's very, very annoyed.

Elsewhere: Obama’s Ratings, Fares Increasing, Poll Says Lee Leads