Elsewhere: Obama’s Spending, Bloomberg on America’s Spirit

Tonight’s town hall-style debate is pretty structured, according to Lynn Sweet.

The Secret Service is looking into a report that someone yelled "kill him!" after Sarah Palin spoke about Barack Obama and Bill Ayers at a recent rally.

Obama is spending much more money than John McCain in the swing states where his polls numbers are up.

The Republican Governor’s Association is attacking a Democratic candidate for saying the economy is "fundamentally healthy," not unlike what McCain said.

On Palin’s campaign plane, Charlie Crist spoke to reporters twice in one flight, while Palin has yet to do so.

The Las Vegas Sun is having lots of trouble nailing down the details of Palin’s union membership.

Palin will do two more interviews with Fox, but still nothing for NBC, CNN or MSNBC.

Another member of the Keating Five thinks McCain’s role in the scandal should get more attention.

Think Progress wonders if George W. Bush canceled the diplomatic mission to Iran to help McCain.

Michael Bloomberg told Europe, "Americans have a spirit of believing that tomorrow will be better than today."

Paul Krugman thinks Britain’s bailout plan is way better than ours. 

Dan Janison re-watches a Bloomberg press conference (video by Azi!) and says the "deception is the most fascinating aspect."

Andrew G.R. thinks New York media rolled over for Bloomberg.

David Paterson told Huffington Post about his new web site yesterday, and is already making a pitch for volunteers he’ll need in 2010.

Paterson and Hillary Clinton both tepidly oppose term limits.

The theme of congressional candidate Mike McMahon’s first ad? Change.

Jose Rivera wants a judge to tell the Bronx Demcratic Party rebels that he’s really in charge.

Congressional candidate Paul Tonko got an "F" from the N.R.A.

Tom Golisano is now appearing in the TV ads he’s financing.

The blog Serf City is asking Carolyn Maloney to hold town halls on the bailout.

For a brief moment, it was reported that Christine Quinn was delaying the introduction of the term limits legislation.

Robert Gibbs is mean to Rudy Giuliani. Elsewhere: Obama’s Spending, Bloomberg on America’s Spirit