Elsewhere: Rudy for Lee, Plot Against Obama

Rudy Giuliani is campaigning for congressional candidate Sandy Treadwell, a millionaire challenging freshman Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand.

Sheldon Silver drops the  idea of millionaire's tax at least for this year.

A judge ruled, in favor of congressional candidate Chris Lee, that Democrat Alice Kryzan can't run on the Working Families Party line. Jon Powers, who dropped out of the race, will remain on the ballot.

In an email to supporters, City Councilman David Yassky tried to explain his vote in favor of extending term limits.

New York State got a "B" rating from an environmental group, up from a "D" last year!

A Flatbush blogger wants more access to the new city park.

The feds arrested two white supremacists accused of planning a killing spree that would end with the assassination of Barack Obama.

Ted Stevens is guilty, and looking very sad.

If Joe Lieberman wants to mess with the Democrats' majority, the Republican Party's arms are open. 

A Rockland County blogger thinks Sarah Palin should apologize for her "Joe Momma" line.  

Palin will release her medical records before the election.

John Riley thinks Michael Bloomberg could overcome his opposition to one-party rule.

  Elsewhere: Rudy for Lee, Plot Against Obama