Elsewhere: Term-Limits Testimony, the Plumber Still

Barack Obama tells his supporters not to get too confident.

John McCain continued to talk about Joe the (sort of) Plumber.

Clearly, racism is not dead

Phil Anderson invites us all to join him at the ongoing term-limits hearing at City Hall tonight.

Here’s what the Brooklyn Optimist will be saying.

State Senate Democrats and Republicans are fighting over schools and the property-tax cap.

Property taxes are showing up in State Senate campaigns, to no surprise.

David Paterson vetoed a bill that would have given landlords incentive to get rid of lead paint.

A lawyer for Serf Maltese is facing child pornography charges.

Jon Corzine offered New Jersey $150 million toward limiting the impact of the financial crisis.

John Catsimatidis has not stopped thinking about running for mayor.

Surprisingly, the city unemployment rate didn’t change much between August and September, but that probably won’t last.

Letitia James and Charles Hynes tried to allay fears about a crime wave in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill.

The Brooklyn Paper editorial board does not approve of Bloomberg’s $11 million acre of land in Coney Island.

The offices of John Liu, Dan Garodnik, Dov Hikind, Betsy Gotbaum and Alan Gerson all accepted phony invitations to meet with the head of Uzbekistan. Elsewhere: Term-Limits Testimony, the Plumber Still