Environmentalists Against Trunzo

The New York League of Conservation Voters is out with their first ad against Republican State Senator Caesar Trunzo of Suffolk County. The ad buy, according to a spokesman, could be as high as $75,000 in the local media market.

“Trunzo? Hasn’t he been in office since the last energy crisis back in the 70s?” a man says to a canvasser who comes knocking on his door.

Later, the man says, "We're still too dependent on foreign oil."

I was skeptical about whether Trunzo could be held responsible for the nation's dependence on foreign oil, but Dan Hendrick, a spokesman for NYLCV, says it's a legitimate critique. "The state plays a HUGE role on energy, particularly domestic, renewable energy – that will keep supplies and costs stable. As a matter of fact, in the absence of federal leadership on energy, it's up to the states to take to take the lead" Hendrick

At the end of the commercial, a narrator says, “After 36 years, it’s time for a change.”

Trunzo is facing a challenge from Democrat Brian Foley.

UPDATE: Joe Conway, spokesman for the State Senate Republican Campaign Committee, emailed to respond to the ad:

"The NYLCV claims they support Brian Foley because of his record on 'green' issues. That's correct only if the "green" they're referring to is the green money Brian Foley took from Long Island developers just 10 days before they illegally bulldozed 18 acres in Yaphank. In contrast, Senator Trunzo has an outstanding record on clean, alternative energy and environmental issues, which is why he received the endorsement today of the Long Island Environmental Voters Forum."

Environmentalists Against Trunzo