VSL:WEB // See big brands evolve

If, for some reason, you wanted to get a corporate logo tattooed on your body, which one would you go for? In a poll conducted by research firm Millward Brown, 19 percent of respondents broke for Harley Davidson. The Disney logo came in second, followed by Coke’s. Call it “branding for life.” But be careful! Companies go out of business, and even the most iconic logos change. Don’t take our word for it: Head on over to the Best Ad blog and see for yourself.

In 1900, the Shell Corp. looked like a sad little clam: you’d step right over it at the beach. Car logos — Ford’s, BMW’s, and Alfa Romeo’s — tend to stay the same, but Mazda’s look seems to change as often as fuel standards do. And Apple’s first logo, in 1976 (a woodcut of Isaac Newton reading beneath a tree), looks like something you’d see on a jar of organic baby food. Same time, next year? A logo you’d recognize appears.

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